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AgileWerk is an international Agile knowledge partner.
Paul, I’m grateful for the knowledge andexperience you contributed to this article. Thank you again for your time and insights.  Darrell Rigby
Read here the Harvard Business Review publication

Who do we work with?

We believe sustainable results only last with longterm relationships where we can significantly transform the world around us.  AgileWerk has partnerships with major players in sports, education, automotive, fintech, hightech and social domain.

AgileWerk founder Paul Takken
What happens when you introduce the (Dutch) Agile philosophy to the German automotive industry?
Listen here to the interview with Paul on New Business Radio.
[interview in Dutch]
Soichiro Honda sensing the track and his motorcycles

We only have one future, and it will be made of our dreams, if we have the courage to challenge convention.


Who We Are

AgileWerk turns people, organizations and technology back into its power. Together with a global network of professionals, AgileWerk pushes boundaries for startups, SMEs, multinationals and non-profit organizations. The core of our work consists of breaking through obstructive patterns and simplifying and accelerating organizational and technical development.

In doing so, we use the latest insights and methods from the development of soft- and hardware and apply these to all possible domains.

For example, we apply elements of Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Test Driven and Object Oriented Development to robot development and EV vehicles. Multiple doubling of productivity and delivered value is more the rule than the exception.

In addition, AgileWerk helps organization grow into “wise companies”. In addition to building up knowledge and experience, the intuitive, connective and tactile ability of the organization is stimulated.

We do our work in the spirit of Soichiro Honda and Taiichi Ohno. Soichiro Honda because of his talent for his extreme intuition and courage to be able to build the fastest and most reliable engines without measuring instruments. Toyota’s Taiichi Ohno by introducing cyclical thinking, acceleration and improvement to the industry.

To reinforce our philosophy, we provide training and workshops worldwide in Xtreme Agile and Manufacturing. In two days, our students will be able to develop a car or another tangible product on the spot. Feeling is believing.


Since 2016, AgileWerk supports ProjectMarch with the Agile development of exoskeletons. We take care of the training and coaching of the design and development teams.