Prompt Generator

Welcome to the CODEFISH Prompt Generator! This tool is designed to help you generate clear, effective prompts for use with ChatGPT. The generator follows the CODEFISH acronym, which stands for Context, Orienting details, Desired outcome, Expectations, Feasibility, Intention, Specifics, and Humane approach. Each element represents a critical aspect of a well-structured prompt. By providing information in each of these areas, you can ensure that your prompt communicates your requirements to ChatGPT as effectively as possible.

To use the generator, simply fill in the relevant information for each aspect of CODEFISH. Once you’ve filled everything out, click “Generate Prompt” to see your custom prompt.

CODEFISH Prompt Generator

Click on the “Copy Prompt” button to copy the generated prompt to your clipboard. Afterward, you can paste it directly into your ChatGPT interface.

Remember, the goal of using the CODEFISH structure is to create clear, comprehensive prompts that effectively guide ChatGPT’s responses. By using this generator, you’re one step closer to more efficient and productive interactions with ChatGPT. Be careful with using sensitive data, Enjoy!